Went shopping for groceries tonight. Considered several options, but decided on a not-too-exciting plan … but a plan that I think it’ll work. It’s worked before.


Yes, I know. Not very exciting. But, I plan to go on Slim-Fast for a month to begin the diet. And, I may stay on Slim-Fast for longer than that.

What I like about it is that it’s simple and easy to follow, which means it will be easy to change my bad eating habits.

No, it won’t be a lot of fun. Not all of the shakes are that great. Some are awful. But, there are enough good (or good enough) ones to make it doable for at least a month.

I’ll supplement the shakes and snacks (I only like the bars that are Snickers-like) with the “balanced meal” from Healthy Choice and Lean Cuisine. They’re easy, and will work within the suggested diet.

So, in the morning, it all starts. No, I’m not looking forward to it. But, I’ll be glad with the results when it’s all done.