Lost another 3 pounds this week, bringing the 6-week total to 26 pounds.

With a 2-pound loss last week, and 3 pounds this week, things appear to have leveled off. I could stand losing 2 or 3 pounds a week.

Last week, we ate out more than normal. Sometimes it was planned, sometimes it was last-minute. But, I still managed to remain on track.

I’m not yet tired of the Slim-Fast shakes, so I plan to keep the Slim-Fast thing going for at least another two weeks. Maybe longer. Okay, probably longer.

When I do get tired of them — and I will, eventually — I think I’ll be able to transition over. But I’m going to stay the course. It’s working. Why mess with it?

For today, though, things will be rough. It’s a big football day. Lots of stuff going on in the neighborhood involving the ladies of the house. So, most of the men will be over here, watching football games. And, of course, that means nachos! That ought to tear the heck out of a diet, huh?