It’s been seven weeks. And, with the two pounds I lost this week, that brings the total to 28 pounds that I’ve lost.

While the Slim-Fast shakes (and meal bars) aren’t the greatest thing, they are effective. I’m not tired of them yet, with the four flavors they have (okay, they have five, but there’s one I don’t want). At two a day, I never have to repeat a flavor until every two days. Throw in the occasional meal bar, and that spreads the flavors around enough to make it acceptable.

I actually thought I’d only use the Slim-Fast shakes to kick-start the diet, but I’ve expanded the flavor selection, and haven’t tired of it yet. When I do, I’ll probably end up dropping only a pound a week. Unless I start becoming more active. And, by more active, that means putting the TiVo remote on the coffee table instead of on the couch next to me.