After eight weeks, I’ve lost 32 pounds. That counts the 4 pounds I lost this week.

I’ve noticed that my weight loss in the various weeks has ranged from 2-6 pounds. My calorie intake has been fairly consistent. That indicates to me that my activity has varied. I haven’t made a concerted effort to increase activity. Yes, I need to, but that hasn’t been part of the plan. Yet.

My weight, despite the loss of 32 pounds, is still way too high. And, depending on the activities I choose, could put lots of stress on my knees. And that would be a bad thing.

I’m thinking I need to get to a lower weight before I begin running. And, at the rate I’m losing weight (currently 4 lbs/week over 8 weeks), that won’t be that much longer.

Then, I’ll not only get lighter, I’ll get healthier.