I lost another 2 pounds this week. That means that after nine weeks, my total weight loss has been 34 pounds. That’s over 3-3/4 pounds a week.

This week has been a struggle. Not because it’s hard to follow the diet. Not under normal circumstances, anyway. But, there have been more out-of-the ordinary situations. Like eating out more, and not picking where I eat out. I have to go with what’s on the menu there.

I don’t always have good information about the food until after the fact. That means that I sometimes make choices that aren’t as good as I thought at the time. And that’s run the numbers up a little bit on occasion.

Still, a 2-pound loss is what my goal was at the start, so there’s no complaint. I only think about it, since it’s below what I’ve been averaging. But, then, perhaps, my average has been too high.

In nine weeks, my worst week has been a 2-pound loss (three times). And, since that’s what I hoped to average overall, that’s actually very good.