This week, I lost another 3 pounds. That brings my total to 43 pounds lost in 12 weeks.

I am a little surprised that I lost that much this week. There have been lots of instances where I’ve had limited menu choices. Places I normally wouldn’t pick to go eat, or events with limited fare on the menu.

Still, though I’ve not eaten what I’ve wanted to this week, I’ve made the best I could of it.

Most of the things I was worried about — particularly lack of energy and persistent hunger — haven’t come to pass. I’ve been getting my essentials in what I’ve eaten.

The Slim-Fast shakes aren’t exactly filling, but they do relieve the hunger and do provide much nutritional value. So, I’m sticking with them. I had planned to do the shakes for a month, maybe two, and this switch over. I figured I’d be tired of them. But I’m not, so I’m sticking with what’s been working. And continuing to lose weight.