Thirteen weeks! Three months. One quarter.

When I started the diet, I had no idea how long I’d need to get where I wanted to be. I’m still not there, but I’ve made decent progress.

During this week, I lost one pound, bringing the total to 44 pounds.

Since, lately, I’ve not had full control over where to eat (lots of eating out with groups where others pick the place), I’ve had to make the best of it. Most places have meals that are higher in calories than I’d like. But, I’ve managed to deal with it. Some days, my calorie total is higher than I’d like. Some days, it’s lower — though not as much this week.

I’m still considering myself on the Slim-Fast diet. I usually have a shake for breakfast (sometimes a meal bar), and plan for a shake for lunch (though that’s not how things have been working out). Add the snack bars for, well, snacks, then throw in a decent supper (but not too large), and you have the diet that Slim-Fast proposes.

Of course, they suggest specific meals. I will make do with something prepared by a restaurant or in a frozen meal (Lean Cuisine, Healthy Choice, or the like).

All of my visits to the doctor have shown that I’m in excellent health. Weight higher than it should be, the the only evidence of that is the number on the scale and the size of my clothes. There have been no issues from my weight. Still, I want to lose weight. I feel better at a lower weight.

This diet is getting me where I want to be. And, sure, I get the occasional jackass telling me how wrong I am with my diet. I wish they’d get a life and leave mine alone.

My diet’s working. For me. If you don’t think it’s a good diet, then don’t try it. See how simple things can be?