Week 16 … and holding

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It’s now 16 weeks, and I’ve lost 48 pounds, counting the 2 pounds I lost this week.

It’s been up and down for a bit. Okay, down and not-as-down. I’ve lost weight every week. So, it’s been successful.

But, now I’ve reached a crossroad.

It’s the first weekend in December, it’s been 16 weeks, and I’m ready for a break.

I want to see how things go for the last 4 weeks of the year. I won’t be recording things, I’ll be just going back to normal and see how things go. Have I changed my habits enough so that I’ll be good? Or will I go back to the old days where I ate good food, just too much good food.

We’ll find out in a month.


Week 15

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Another one pound loss this week. That brings the total for 15 weeks to 46 pounds.

The recent weeks have been rough. Lots of temptation, lots of food eaten. I’m wondering how much I’d have lost if I had done a better job of holding tough on the diet.

Still, not bad. Not bad at all.

Week 14

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I lost another pound this week. That brings my total for 14 weeks to 45 pounds.

With football (nachos!) and other going-out-to-eat kind of things, I’ve been taking in more calories than earlier in the diet. Which has contributed to the slow-down in weight-loss. I’ve lost one pound in three of the last four weeks. Still, with the greater loss earlier, my overall average for the 14 weeks is over 3 lbs/week.

So, I’m not complaining. I’m glad that I’m able to go a lot of different places and still manage to lose weight.

And, a pound a week is my target. So, I’m on target and getting thinner. Okay, just not as obese. First one, then the other.

Week 13

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Thirteen weeks! Three months. One quarter.

When I started the diet, I had no idea how long I’d need to get where I wanted to be. I’m still not there, but I’ve made decent progress.

During this week, I lost one pound, bringing the total to 44 pounds.

Since, lately, I’ve not had full control over where to eat (lots of eating out with groups where others pick the place), I’ve had to make the best of it. Most places have meals that are higher in calories than I’d like. But, I’ve managed to deal with it. Some days, my calorie total is higher than I’d like. Some days, it’s lower — though not as much this week.

I’m still considering myself on the Slim-Fast diet. I usually have a shake for breakfast (sometimes a meal bar), and plan for a shake for lunch (though that’s not how things have been working out). Add the snack bars for, well, snacks, then throw in a decent supper (but not too large), and you have the diet that Slim-Fast proposes.

Of course, they suggest specific meals. I will make do with something prepared by a restaurant or in a frozen meal (Lean Cuisine, Healthy Choice, or the like).

All of my visits to the doctor have shown that I’m in excellent health. Weight higher than it should be, the the only evidence of that is the number on the scale and the size of my clothes. There have been no issues from my weight. Still, I want to lose weight. I feel better at a lower weight.

This diet is getting me where I want to be. And, sure, I get the occasional jackass telling me how wrong I am with my diet. I wish they’d get a life and leave mine alone.

My diet’s working. For me. If you don’t think it’s a good diet, then don’t try it. See how simple things can be?

Week 12

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This week, I lost another 3 pounds. That brings my total to 43 pounds lost in 12 weeks.

I am a little surprised that I lost that much this week. There have been lots of instances where I’ve had limited menu choices. Places I normally wouldn’t pick to go eat, or events with limited fare on the menu.

Still, though I’ve not eaten what I’ve wanted to this week, I’ve made the best I could of it.

Most of the things I was worried about — particularly lack of energy and persistent hunger — haven’t come to pass. I’ve been getting my essentials in what I’ve eaten.

The Slim-Fast shakes aren’t exactly filling, but they do relieve the hunger and do provide much nutritional value. So, I’m sticking with them. I had planned to do the shakes for a month, maybe two, and this switch over. I figured I’d be tired of them. But I’m not, so I’m sticking with what’s been working. And continuing to lose weight.

Week 11

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Only lost one pound this week. But that’s good. That brings the 11 week total to 40 pounds.

My goal is to lose weight every week. And I did.

And if I keep losing a pound a week, I’ll continue to get closer to my goal, and I won’t have to worry as much about losing too much too fast.

A few of the meals this week were larger than they have been. I don’t want to a lot of that. On occasion is okay, but not as much as this week, and certainly not every day.

Still, with all that, I lost another pound this week. And that’s a good thing.

Week 10


After eating more this week than in recent weeks, I found that this week’s weight loss was surprising: I lost five pounds this week. That brings the 10-week total to 39 pounds, and average of 3.9 pounds a week (division by 10 is so easy!).

I have no idea why the weight-loss was so much more this week than last week, particularly since, during the week, I ate fair food, football food, and Shoney’s food (twice).

I’ve decided: I need to eat at Shoney’s twice a day, go to the fair for lunch, and end the day at a football game.

That would be an awesome diet!

Except that eating that way is what got me to need to go on a diet in the first place.

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